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Sensors to monitor and interact with the environment.

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DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Combination digital humidity and temperature sensor. Sampling Interval 2 seconds ..
US $3.20
DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor - Maxim Integrated
The DS18B20 sends temperature readings over a single wire bus using the Dallas 1 wire protocol. A di..
US $3.72
Dust Particle Sensor - Shinyei PPD42NS
This sensor detects the concentration of particulate matter in the air. The sensor ca..
US $15.13
Based on ADXL-345 IC I2C interface with 4 pin Grove connector. Documentation Datashe..
US $10.26
GY-80 - Multi Sensor Board - 3 Axis Gyro -3 Axis Accelerometer - 3 Axis Magnetometer - Barometer - Thermometer
This board combines 5 sensors into a single tiny package. Convenient to expirement with different se..
US $19.23
Liquid Flow Sensor - G1/4" BSP Thread
This sensor measures the volumetric flow rate of liquid passing through it. It consists of a pl..
US $9.23
Photoresistor / Photocell - 10 kilo-Ohm to 1 mega-Ohm
This light sensor varies its resistance in response to changes in light intensity. Resistance decrea..
US $0.64
TMP36 Analog Temperature Sensor
Analog Devices TMP36 temperature sensor has voltage output that changes 10mV for every 1° centigrade..
US $1.92
Ultrasonic Range Finder - HC-SR04
  This sensor is used to detect the presence and distance of objects in the sensors directio..
US $5.77
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