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Arduino Micro

Arduino Micro
Arduino Micro
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Arduino Micro Arduino Micro Arduino Micro Arduino Micro Arduino Micro Arduino Micro
Brand: Arduino
Product Code: ARD-MICRO
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Friendly platform for electronics learning and prototyping. Arduino is the most popular board based on the Atmel AVR microcontroller. Use it to sense, respond and control the outside world with a large selection of sensors, and shields. Get started quickly with a large library of software and an easy to use IDE for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

The Arduino Micro plugs straight into a solderless breadboard and its small form factor makes it a good choice for size sensitive and permanent projects. The ATMega 32u4 with integrated USB gives you the ability to emulate USB devices such as a mouse or keyboard.

  • ATMega32u4
  • 2.5 kilobytes ram / 32 kilobytes flash
  • 20 - Digital I/O pins - 7 PWM capable
  • 12 - Analog Inputs


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