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LoNet 808 - Mini GSM/GPRS + GPS Breakout

LoNet 808 - Mini GSM/GPRS + GPS Breakout
LoNet 808 - Mini GSM/GPRS + GPS Breakout
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This module packs alot of functionality into a tiny space for remote data and tracking applications.  Based on the SIMCOM 808 you get:

  • GSM GPRS Connectivity
    • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPS
    • NMEA protocol output
    • 66 Acquisition Channel / 22 Tracking
    • 5 Hz update rate
  • Integrated Lithium Ion charging
  • Controlled by AT command set

Package Contents

  • LoNet Module
  • 9 Pin Male Header
  • Passive GPS Antenna with u.FL/IPEX connector.
  • GSM Antenna with u.FL/IPEX connector.



Pin Name Description
RST Reset Hard reset. Pull low for 100ms
RXD Receive Receive Data
TXD Transmit

Transmit Data

RI Ring Indicator Goes low when call or message received.
PWR Power Pull high to 2s to turn on/off.
DTR Sleep/Wake Pull low for 50ms to wake module.
VIO IO Voltage Reference voltage for IO
GND Ground V -
BAT Battery V+ Supply voltage  - 3.4 - 4.4 volts.



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